The Vietnamese non-economic miracle

Over the past two years, the world's attention has turned to Vietnam as a new investment hub, especially in the field of electronics. Companies like Apple, Intel, Samsung, Xiaomi, and others have moved complete production lines to Vietnam, particularly after Vietnam's exemplary handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

And this is just the beginning... the beginning of Vietnam's economic leap.

Exciting news, isn't it? Not necessarily!

Here are some facts:

The most powerful country in the world is the United States of America, yet it's also the only country where some of its citizens wake up in the morning, grab an AK47, head to an elementary school, and kill people for no reason.

Japan is an advanced country, but it has a place called the "Suicide Forest," where people go to end their lives by their own hands. Additionally, its youth spend thousands of hours of their prime playing video games in rooms as small as 2 square metres.

What about Europe?

How many Vietnamese citizens wish for their child to become transgender someday, deciding to change their gender by injecting hormones and undergoing irreversible surgeries that deform their bodies?

If Vietnam follows in the footsteps of those who came before, it will reach where they have reached – an economic advancement coupled with a spiritual emptiness caused by the absence of religion and the absence of God from the equation of happiness.

Citizens possessing the latest electronic devices suffer from depression, relying on tranquilizers, psychotherapy sessions, and mistakenly believing that spiritual fulfillment lies in worshipping celebrities rather than God.

For a long time in modern human civilization, the success of any country in overcoming extreme poverty has been described as an "economic miracle," but what kind of miracle is it when its creators pay the price with their mental health and psychological well-being?

The true Vietnamese miracle will not be having every Vietnamese citizen with a modern iPhone in their pocket and a 34-inch plasma screen in their living room. Let's be honest – obtaining electronic devices is no longer difficult, and any citizen with an air conditioner and a computer lives better than any king in history.

The real miracle is for Vietnam to become the first country to achieve prosperity without falling into the trap of spiritual emptiness and self-worship.

An action that seems impossible by today's standards, yet it was achieved during the golden age of Islam. A single glance at the glory of the Muslims in Al-Andalus, which lasted for 800 years, will make you realize that countries can be rich, even the richest in the world, without having a third of their children living with only one parent because the other fled to pursue their pleasures. Without millions of your citizens needing psychological treatment due to the deadly spiritual emptiness. Without the spread of sexual obscenities, the disappearance of family traditions, the prevalence of suicide, crime, and addiction, and where faith in God becomes a sign of being "backward"!!!

When research centers in the United States conducted a study on the relationship between occupations and happiness, they found that farmers were the happiest among all other jobholders!

Farmers are happier than executives, rock stars, and Hollywood actors!

If you were a Vietnamese citizen, you would know well that agriculture has been and still is one of the most important economic activities in Japan. However, with the advance of civilization and the spread of industrial cities, agriculture declines. This means that - statistically - the happiness of the Vietnamese people will decrease as they leave the fields and shift towards mobile phone production lines.

But the difference between you - dear Vietnamese citizen - and your counterpart in the advanced Western state is that the only spiritual alternative offered to the Westerner is a corrupted alternative! Christianity, which has been distorted and tampered with by humans.

What if you had a divine religion preserved by God that leads you to happiness in this world and eternal bliss in the hereafter?

When we talk about Islam, we don't mean a religion confined to places of worship like the other religions existing on the face of the earth. Instead, it's instructions about how to spend your days, some of which must be performed at specific times down to the hour, minute, and second.

It's a remedy for the spiritual chaos that comes with material wealth.