What is the status of Women in Islam?

In Christian France in 586 AD, a conference was held to discuss whether the woman is a human being with a soul or not. And if she has a soul, is it human or animal in nature? And if his soul is equal to the soul of man or not?

In the end, they agreed that she has a soul. But it is inferior because it was only created to serve the desires of man. The souls of the spirits of cowardly and corrupt men are those from which women are created.

Before Islam, the Romans and Arabs used to bury their young daughters because they did not want to have female offspring. For them, girls cause misfortune and are of no use when they grow up. They would just put them in a hole and cover them with dirt.

In our civilized world, there are 127 countries in the Caribbean and West Africa and Latin America that export women. And countries in Western Europe and North America also deal with trafficking in women. Where women are exploited in the most brutal ways, such as forced labor and prostitution.

Before Islam, everyone treated women as inferior creatures. Even in other religions, she has no dignity or humanity. For example, in India, the wife is like a slave in her husband's house. You could lose it in a game of chance or give it to your friends. If her husband dies, she can't marry anyone else. In many cases, she is burned alive with the body of her dead husband.

Also in China, the husband can bury his wife alive if she disobeys him. If he dies, his family inherits it and owns it as property.

The existence of women is the main reason and source of crisis and destruction in the world. 'The woman is like a poisonous tree, her appearance is beautiful, but when the birds eat from her, they immediately die' (Socrates)

The priests judged the women and controlled them, and when they wanted to, they got rid of them. Don't talk to me about your rights. We want her to be exactly how we want her to be. We want you to comply with our commandments. We own it. She is our slave. The woman accused by her husband of adultery is sentenced to death even if he has no proof.

The woman, according to Christianity and Judaism, is the reason for all misfortunes. She is the one who seduced Adam to commit the original sin.

It is mentioned in the bible: "The man said: the woman you have put with me gave me a fruit from the tree and I ate it"

According to Christianity, God punished Adam and all mankind because of Eve.

But in Islam, both Adam and Eve made the same mistake.

Both are responsible Almighty God says in the Qur'an:

"But Satan whispered to both of them"

Before Islam, the status of women was like that of animals or even worse. She could be burned after her husband's death, or be buried alive, be a slave from birth to death. For example, the woman's testimony was not accepted in any court regarding any issue. Even when it came to his most private matters, like his honor.

In Jewish belief, if a man accuses his wife of adultery or accuses her of not being a virgin when he marries her, her testimony is not taken into account. He faces trial only based on the man's testimony. If her family could not prove her innocence, even if she was really innocent, then the court would find her guilty and she would be executed.

In Islam, if a man accuses his wife of adultery, and swears five times that he is telling the truth, and the woman swears five times that she is innocent, then she will be considered innocent. If a strange man accuses a woman of adultery and then cannot prove it or bring witnesses to confirm his accusation, he will be punished with 80 lashes. I know it is a severe punishment, but maintaining the dignity and honor of the Muslim woman is more important. It is a serious matter. The woman was not created for science, wisdom, thought, art or politics.

In Islam, education is compulsory for both men and women. There was a woman in the time of Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him), she came to Prophet Muhammed to discuss a religious matter with him and a Quranic verse was revealed especially for this occasion to explain this matter.

The Qur'anic chapter containing this verse is called Suret Al-Muyadalah. "The Plead" because the woman kept pleading with the prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) to have a verdict, so Allah sent this verse for this specific situation.

As for the Bible, we will find verses that prohibit women from speaking in churches. "Let your women keep silence in the churches because they are not allowed to speak, but they are ordered to obey, as the law says; and if they learn something, ask their husbands at home, because it is a shame for women to speak in the church" "The woman in the menstrual period causes bad omen, death and destruction. She makes everything around her dirty "(Leviticus 23 19:15).

In May 2013, some women protested against the old Hindu tradition of detaining women in barns during their menstrual cycle to prevent impurity. More than 24 women die each year due to cold and disease while in detention.

In Hinduism, Judaism and Christianity, a woman goes through periods of impurity for which it becomes a curse, even her husband becomes impure because of her, and everything she touches.

In Islam, there is no such nonsense. The prophet's wife mentioned that she used to ask him where he ate to eat in the same place. In Islam there is no place for superstitions of impurity and curses.

According to the Bible, a man can make a vow and keep it at any time, but a woman has to ask her father or husband for permission to make a vow.

In Islam, it is normal for a man or woman to take a vow in public or in private and they can fulfill the vow however they want. If either of them couldn't keep their vows, they both have to make the same atonement by feeding 10 poor people. It is a clear and equal rule for both.

"Sin originated from a woman and through her we all die" (Ecclesiasticus 25:24)

Adultery is a sin in all religions, but it has different definitions in each of them.

In the Qur'an, a man and a woman who have sexual intercourse outside of marriage are both adulterers. The punishment is the same for both. End of the story.

While in the Holy Scripture (of Judaism) a relationship is only considered adultery in the event that the woman is married. In that case, the children are considered bastards and homeless. As for the man, if he was married and he has a relationship with a woman, it is not considered adultery and his children are legitimate. Why is that? Because in Judaism a married woman is the property of her husband. So when a man commits adultery with a married woman, he is trespassing on another man's property, for which he must be punished. But if he is married and slept with a single woman, then he is not trespassing on anyone's property.

These are tremendously insulting standards against the dignity of a woman.

Marriage and family are important in all religions.

In Islam and in a very brief and eloquent description, Allah says:

"And of his signs is that he created you companions for you to find peace of mind in them and he placed between you love and mercy. In fact, in that there is signs for all people who reflect"

Such is marriage in Islam.

But what about Judaism and Christianity? It's like a property contract. The Talmud says:…"The household items, even the breadcrumbs on the table, are her husband's if she invites someone to her house and feeds him, she would be stealing from her husband." Rich is penniless when she gets married. Even her decisions and character are the property of her husband. She can't do anything without your approval. You can't even go to court if you oppress her.

What is incredible is that a woman used to pay a man a dowry. She would take from her father's money to pay him. That's why men didn't want to have daughters.

In Islam, it is the opposite. A man must pay the dowry to the woman. Only she can specify the amount of the dowry she wants. After marriage, each of them are financially independent

In the Bible, a woman can never inherit for a simple reason, because she is part of the inheritance, whether she is a wife or a mother. If she is a daughter, she can inherit if she does not have siblings. If she has siblings, then she cannot inherit at all. And the brothers should not give him any of their inheritance.

In Islam, in some cases, some women inherit more than the man and sometimes exactly as much as he inherits and other times half of what he inherits, according to the family connection to the deceased. The final ruling may seem unfair at times, that she inherits half of what the man inherits, but it is not unfair, because the woman in Islam has to be supported by the man all her life and he bears all the responsibility for supporting her.

Even now in our modern time the new priests do what they want with the woman. They control her and judge her. She is a commodity, a tool, a means. We decide for her what she should do. Only we can do that. When the Catholic Bible says directly that "the birth of a daughter is a loss"

Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) says:

"Whoever has three daughters and is patient with them and feeds and clothes them, they will protect him from fire on the day of resurrection."

While the Talmud says: "the woman cannot own anything and everything is the property of her husband. The household items, even the breadcrumbs on the table are his, if she invites someone to her house and feeds him, would be stealing from her husband"

The Qur'an says

"And from wives it is similar to what is expected of them according to what is reasonable"

It also says

"it is not legal for you to inherit women by compulsion".

And he says "for women it is a part of what they have earned"

While the Bible says "sin originated from a woman and by her we all die"

The Qur'an says

"do not seek any means against them" and it says "and live with them in kindness"

Many Westerners believe that Islam is a religion that oppresses women. A surprising number of women are converting to Islam especially in America and Europe. Women make up more than 70% of converts to Islam.


The question is, what are the reasons for modern women in the United States and Europe to convert to Islam?

There are personal reasons linked to the women themselves , because they are not satisfied with the religions in which they were raised.

So they started reading about religions until they found Islam. And they were drawn to Islam because of what they described as its logic, especially with regard to its philosophy towards women.

Many of them expressed their attraction to the rights that Islam provides to Islam women after correcting previously held negative stereotypes that often associated Muslim women with oppression, violence and submission to men.