Which facets of creationism unite scriptural beliefs, and where do perspectives diverge?

The theory of creationism claims to adhere to both the theistic literal interpretation of Genesis, as well as the scientific methodology.

Thus, according to the perspective of creationists, there is a clear and strong relationship between the biblical texts and scientific facts. But what is most important about the creationist position is that believing in the biblical texts is ingrained in their thinking, even if it apparently contradicts with science. 

There is, however, a great differentiation between the Western position  and the Islamic position in this regard. The movement of creationists in the West hold fast to the literal interpretation of Genesis as an established fact. Muslims also believe in the creation, not evolution of Adam, but are simultaneously cautious of the distortion of Genesis in many aspects, including the contradiction between the literal meaning of Genesis and the established scientific facts. Thus, Muslim researchers and scientists can identify as creationists from the perspective of believing in creation, but according to the established Islamic resources, and aware of  the major differentiations between them and Western creationists.