Which three types of knowledge are subdivisions of the term ‘Aql?

The term ‘Aql (Mind) is sometimes used by scholars to refer to one of its various subdivisions:

1. Mental Power: This is a knowledge that every reasonable logical human being shares in. it is the innate ability to differentiate between beneficial and harmful, or good and bad. it is the innate quality that differentiates the normal sane individual from one who is insane. The insane person lacks this mental capacity of basic reasoning. It is also what differentiates humans from other animals.

2. Indispensable knowledge (Fitrah): All humans are born with these primary laws and standards embedded within their very nature, regardless of societal, cultural, or language differences.

3. Theoretical Knowledge: This refers to all knowledge acquired through investigation, proof collection, study, data analysis, etc. In this knowledge people will have different levels based on ability, studiousness, and exposure.