Why we need religion?

Do we really need religion? We have our own minds and we have invented artificial intelligence. We invented microchips and designed space shuttles. We are in the twenty-first century. But I want you to reflect on these staggering numbers. They are the victims of wars and human madness.


World War I: (1914-1918)...15 million

Russian Civil War (1917-1922)...9 million

The Soviet Union is a negative regime (1924-1953)... 20 million


The question is who has tasted the human race anguished and poisonous gas blisters barbed wire, and high explosives and eugenic experiments. Heavy artillery, justifications for mass murder assigned to false scientific arguments and cluster bombs attack submarines, and napalm and intercontinental ballistic missiles military court platforms, and nuclear weapons.

Let's continue…

World War II: (1945-1939)... 55 million

For the Chinese Civil War (1949 - 1945)... 2.5 million

People's Republic of China, Mao Zedong's regime (1975 - 1949)... 40 million

Test (1950)... 600 thousand

Congo (1908-1886)... 8 million

Mexico (1920-1910).. 1 million

Need more? Neither do I

But I want you to take a good look at all this world, poverty Hunger, wars, and explosion Unlawful killing, madness, and then we answer your question Do you trust the human mind that produced all such misery. It would be the mathematical means of getting us back out this maze?

While he is the one who wanted us to this misery, and he is. He needs a reference to his influence on the right path. Otherwise, it will be like a leaf vulnerable to air currents hitting him right and left wherever you want Correct coordinates will overlap and blur and the error as a broken radar signal. Be debtors do crimes too do you. Can you deny it? It is when they forget or forget the essential aspect which separates religions from menial laws, which does not exceed ink on paper, inside each. A person's desire to break the chain. And that all the laws of the world stand powerless to prevent man From committing an act..  as long as the barrier is external

Man will continue to be influenced by his evil desires unless he kills them himself and hold them with his free will; not with the stick of the law, and the policeman's weapon. Only when they forget, or forget the distinguishing point that distinguishes religion from rest of the laws


Religion, in turn, becomes an empty law from the soul, for God's sake, what is the moral of this. The main one, then, is this magic ingredient that makes people commit

Wait a minute, why do atheists swear by God? Midst of speech? Isn't it more logical to swear in amputated sections, James please, and the evolutionary chain? It's just a common expression. Are you sure it is quoted with the same word? If I was on a wood at the bottom of the sea, and you will ask God if you need someone in a difficult moment

Can you just answer a question? Have you read Robinson Crusoe?


You must read it know that the knowledge of God, it is an innate act

Do you have any intention of answering my question? You answered the question yourself … What?  You answered the question yourself

If the question,  again, What is the main distinguishing element of the heavenly law than any other law, do you mean...

Allah (God)