Cracking the Code: Unraveling Life's Purpose

Why do you live? Do not tell me you not thought about it

Whether Muslim Christian or Jewish atheist, agnostic, everybody is asking himself this question. Is my purpose to eat food, then answer the call of nature…? and that's it?

Are we here on this planet for this?


There must be a bigger purpose, something that remains and never perish, never
But,what is that purpose?

Energy cannot be destroyed. We die, we turn into an inorganic matter on which plants and animals feed, or remains turned to oil after thousands of years ¿Is that us?

Are we organic matters which are destined to perish? No! I'm certain that this is not true.

We live running after money, after sensual pleasures, wealth, women, and our lives pass by. We do not realize what's going on. We let our souls be hungry and our spirits to suffer all this for gold, silver, dollars, bank accounts, clothes, shoes and fashion. And suddenly, the hair becomes grey, and the sides become white, bones and muscles ache, the lifetime passes by.

The calendars replace a year after another. Years pass by you… then, comes death

The question is, where we alive really? Life is that our lungs breath? Rather, your soul?