How to say Shahadah?

How to say Shahadah?

Do you want to be a Muslim? In fact, it is easy. You don't need to be baptized somewhere or sign a complicated contract. You only need to be a true believer, to declare in your heart the two testimonies (the shahada) with your tongue; and perform the obligations with your body.

How to declare the two testimonies? (the shahada) you have to say "I bear witness that there is no God but Allah, And I bear witness that Mohammad is the messenger of Allah and his servant.

You say it in your language and you have to say it in Arabic:

"Ash-Hadu An La ilaha illa Allah wa Ash-hadu Anna Mohammadan Rasoulu Allah" Now you are a Muslim.

And as a Muslim, you have to learn how to pray and the other basics step by step.
You may think it is hard. But in fact, it isn't. Islam put perfect order, tranquility and ease in our lives.

You won't learn everything all at once. You would learn everything steps by step. And this video help you to understand.