Where can we find statements from theist scientists refuting the atheist science position that empirical science is the only source of reality and knowledge?

The atheists scientists’ fallacy that the only true science is empirical science, or science based solely on scientific experimentation and/or evidence, has been refuted by many theist, or God believing, scientists. For example:

-In his work, Atheism Delusion, Professor Amr Sherif criticized this atheistic position, noting: 

“The approach of Scientism, which considers any talk about the God, religion or spiritual experiences lies outside the scope of science, and consequently not true, was adopted by Russel. However, to hold the view that science (i.e., empirical science) is the only source of knowledge and reality means to eliminate a considerable established part of knowledge. What about philosophy, Literature, Arts, Music or Morals?! How could science judge that a certain poem is eloquent while another poem is not? Is that possible through calculating the number of words or knowing the arrangement of letters? How could science judge that certain painting is an artistic work while other one is just dropped colors on the paper? No doubt it will not be through the chemical analysis of the colors! Further, science could tell you that putting a poison in the drink of someone will kill him, however, it will not tell you that it is wrong to do so with your grandmother to inherit her property.”  [1]

Furthermore, in the book, the Divine Reality, Hamzah Tzortzis explained: “[Empirical] science aims to explain the physical world. As a collective institution, it aims to produce accurate explanations of how the natural world works. The way science aims to produce explanations is that it comes up with testable hypotheses. For a hypothesis to be testable, it must logically generate specific expectations.” [2] Hence, “Science is not the only way to acquire truth about the world. The limitations of scientific method demonstrate that science cannot answer all questions. Some of its main limitations include that it: 

is morally neutral 

cannot address some metaphysical questions 

● cannot prove necessary truths” [3]


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