Which source is used first and foremost to derive Islamic Knowledge?

Let me tell you something amazing, if every book in existence vanished tomorrow, there is only one single book in the whole world that would be retrievable in its exact original form.

The Quran. 

That's because there are hundreds of thousands of people all over the globe that have the book memorised verbatim, and they recite it daily in their prayer. 

Isn’t that astonishing?

And that’s because the Quran is the first and foremost source of all Islamic knowledge. It is the actual speech of Allah (GOD) and it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through angel Jebril. 

Allah promised that He Himself would protect this scripture from corruption, and since its revelation, there have been painstaking processes put in place to be sure of its preservation, most importantly it being memorised verbatim, exactly as it was revealed,  in the hearts of countless muslims.

The Quran contains countless miracles, not only scientific or linguistic, but mainly legislative, because the rules of the Quran fix every single problem humanity does or will ever face. 

Muslims don’t find this surprising, they find it axiomatic. Allah is the One who created humankind and his words must be the ultimate guide to follow.

One of the main pillars or principles that you learn when you start studying islamic creed, is that it’s impossible to find a contradiction between “clear thinking” or a “sound mind” and “The Text of Quran”. The so-called conflict between science and religion doesn't exist in Islam. 

Because God created both.

For 1400 years, enemies of Islam have tried their best to find one single contradiction, something that’s so illogical and patently false in an extremely old text, and they couldn’t. 

Can you think of a single other book that has this quality? 

No. Because no other book contains the words of the creator. 

I don’t think you can even find a copy of the Quran with a typo, unless you purposefully printed such a copy, I guess! 

But apart from that, the Quran is perfect, and it states that in its first page, and the ultimate challenge to every human, is to come up with something like it. 

No one can. 

And that’s because the Quran is not a human product. It’s God’s speech.