Why Zakat Matters

Why do Muslims pay zakat?

In our world there are only 90 people who own the equivalent of belongings of 3,500 billion people, this number of people represents half of the population on earth one more time, the richest 90 people on earth own as much as 3,500 billion people while they move inside their properties using private planes; which have some parts made of pure gold. At the same time there are 1 million of children dying each year because of water shortage, and another million of children die because of food shortage and the double of children die because of the shortage in Malaria vaccines.

Islam does not approve that these huge differences make some humans lose their humanity.

6 billion people live on this planet the population of developed countries is 4,3 billion among them, about 3 billion people who live below the poverty line, which is the equivalent of getting 2 US dollars per day among this people there is 1,2 billion earning less than 1 US dollar a day.

My name is Muhammad, I have been confident and self-sufficient all my life. I’ve never had forfeiture. I’ve worked very hard, because my aim is to give my children a better childhood than mine. They’re the little light of my life. And their happiness is all what I want.

Zakat as a term is a comprehensive terminology that should be understood fully, otherwise it will be misunderstood. Zakat has a linguistic meaning, and that linguistic meaning is: Purification, so, somebody with Zakat means somebody who is purified, so, the person paying Zakat is doing this ritual as one of the pillars of Islam, which is the fifth pillar of Islam; that cuts 2,5% of somebody’s property for the sake of the poor people, over a certain amount of money that is agreed upon according to Islamic law.

The Islamic society is different than others societies

The Messenger- PBUH –says:

‘He is not a believer who eats his fill while his neighbor beside him goes hungry…’

The total wealth of the 3 richest men in the world is equivalent to the GDP of the poorest 48 countries, and the wealth of the 200 world’s richest people exceeds the total income of the 41%of the population of the world combined studies show that if they contribute with 1%of their wealth it will cover all the costs of primary school education for all children in the developing world.

My name is Amr, if you ask me about the most precious person in my life. I’ll tell you that is my father. He is in the worst shock timing, but I think is time to repay him what I owe him my father made me what I am today.


Poverty causes tens of social divisions and problems, such as street children criminals and disconnected families.

The Zakat is obligated by Allah to end this destructive phenomenon  of societies.


Do you know how many children become homeless and live away from their families because of poverty?

Can you imagine how they will grow up and what they will become?


But in a world that only speaks the language of the dollar taxes has accumulated and I cannot pay them, we had to leave our house, and that was the most difficult moment for me since I was born

I have no solutions…

Zakah as a terminology as an aspect of charity in Islam, is compulsory whereas other type of charity is called Sadaqah and this is optional.

Zakat must be paid at the end of a year from the time you saved your money but charity or sadaqah, the optional one, is paid any time you like, with any amount you like as it is not compulsory, so, if you don’t pay it you are not sinful but for Zakah, if a person denies paying it, he is not a Muslim and if he doesn’t do it, with the acknowledgment of that pillar, he will be sinful and he will deserve Allah’s punishment. 

In developing countries we find that the rate of 33.3% do not have safe drinking water that is healthy for drinking and consumption, 25% lack access to adequate housing and 20% lack access to adequate and regular health services; 20%of children do not get an education beyond the fifth grade and 20%of students and malnourished or undernourished. In 2005 a million children left the primary education because they cannot afford the tuitions and the necessary costs.

Islam protects the society from this integration destruction and collapse.

Poverty is the primary and the most logic cause of committing a crime in the world it is a fast spreading cause of the crime as well

About 750 thousand crimes of murder are committed each year in Europe and USA only because of the desire to steal.

In most of those crimes, the murderer is in need for money. 

Islam protects society from that.

The day I went to the hospital I decided to buy all the medicines he needed and to pray that God heals him because my father is the person who made me what I am today. Yet, I was surprised by the high prices of the medicines in the pharmacy, I felt like I was harshly stabbed. He would die in front of me because I cannot buy the medicines for him? Oh my God! If property was a man I would have killed him.There must be a way to help my father, there must be!

My name is Ummayyah, I’m a new Muslim, I love to travel and see new places

While 35,000 children die every day because of hunger and diseases and fifth of developing countries’ population spend the rest of the day starving. Aids given to poor countries through the United Nations are less than what 9 developed countries spend on cats and dogs food into 6 days.

My name is Ummayyah,I’m a new Muslim, I love to travel and see new places as usual, when I go to any new country, I do not stay in a hotel unless for the bedtime only. I love to travel all over the countries and get to know the people and cultures of course, I never leave my backpack, we are inseparable…

Islam carries goodness for everyone, the Muslims and the non-Muslim as well.

In Islam, spending my forfeiture causes is considered purification of the money

How many people know this information about Islam?

I would say that even some Muslims might be ignorant about this information. Your role is to let people know about this information, to spread the goodness.

Less than 1%of what world spends on weapons each year is enough to solve all the education problems of children in the entire world.

Islam wants to build a coherent and firm society, a society that knows that what world spends on alcohol is enough to solve the water shortage in the entire world 3 times!

A society which does not spend on the pet’s food more than what spends on health human needs.

Zakah puts the wealth of rich people in the right place. 

After I became a Muslim I decided to visit the Muslim countries and learn more about them; but unfortunately I am facing the worst thing that could happen to a tourist, I lost the backpack in the taxi, which includes all my belongings, my passport, my money, city maps, everything! Even my cell phone was in that bag. Oh my God! I’m completely lost! I was in a terrible situation. What can I do??

A stranded traveler deserves Zakat.

Zakat elevates the human spirit because it disciplines his materialistic tendency, allowing humans to control it instead of being controlled by it; in exchange for this elevation the human being has a high level of solidarity in the community and low levels of hunger, poverty, crime and ignorance.

Money is the cheapest thing in the world but human beings are the most valuable entities in it

Islam encourages sacrificing the cheap to elevate the valuable


Is not it a profitable business?