Should a Convert to Islam Change their Name to an Islamic or Arabic Name?

Converts to Islam often change their names so as to adopt Islamic or Arabic names, but this is unnecessary unless one’s name reflects servitude to someone or something other than Allah (Exalted be He) or carries a meaning that is unacceptable to Islam. Otherwise, the Prophet (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) did not change anyone’s name after becoming a Muslim except for one of these two reasons.

  However, it is recommended to choose a name that has a good meaning and reflects well on the religion. In Islamic faith, a person’s name holds great meaning and significance, therefore selecting an appropriate name can be seen as an opportunity to strengthen one’s relationship with Allah (Exalted be He). Many Muslims choose Arabic names because of their historical significance in Islamic culture, but non-Arabic individuals do not need to adopt such names. Ultimately, the decision to change or keep one’s name after conversion lies with the individual based on their personal preference and circumstances. It is important for new converts to consult with knowledgeable Muslim scholars or leaders who can guide this process of transition.