Who Is Jesus (PBUH)?

In Islam, Jesus is considered one of the prophets and messengers of God. Known as 'Isa' in Arabic, he is revered for his teachings of love, compassion, humbleness, and righteousness. Muslims believe that he was born to the Virgin Mary through a miraculous birth that transcends human understanding.

However, they reject the Christian belief that he is the Son of God or part of a Trinity. However, they regard him as a human being who was sent by God to guide humanity towards the path of righteousness. According to Islamic scripture, Jesus performed several miracles during his lifetime such as healing the blind and raising the dead - all through God's power. In fact, Muslims believe that Jesus will return in the end of time to restore justice to the world and defeat evil forces. 

Jesus holds a pivotal position in Islam - his messages have been an integral part of shaping Muslim beliefs and practices until today.