Why is pork prohibited in Islam?

Pork, a commonly consumed meat worldwide, is prohibited in Islam due to religious and scientific reasons. The Quran explicitly forbids pork, stating it as impure and harmful for human consumption. This prohibition is also observed by Jews and some Christian sects, as mentioned in the Bible. The Prophet Muhammad further emphasized the severity of consuming pork in Hadiths, stating that a true believer does not eat pork. Scientifically, pork is considered a high-risk meat due to pigs' scavenger nature, consuming anything they find, including feces, urine, and contaminated food. This leads to their flesh containing harmful bacteria and toxins like Salmonella, E.Coli, and Trichinella, causing food poisoning and serious illnesses. Pigs also carry several viruses and parasites, including those leading to swine flu, influenza, and severe diseases like meningitis. The high-fat content in pork contributes to obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.