Who is Muhammad?

Who is Muhammad, peace be upon him?

He is a human, not a demigod, nor a son of God. He himself said that he was human:

"I am a human like you"

(Reported by Al-Bukhari [401] and Muslim [573])

And as God confirmed, to the people of this:

“Say: 'I am only a human being like you. It has been revealed to me that your God is the Only God. Therefore, whoever expects to meet his Lord [on Judgment Day], let him do what is right, and in the worship due to his Lord admit no one as a partner' (18: 110)

He is the most outstanding human being in the history of humanity.

We have received a complete documentation of his life. There is no documentation of the life of any other person like him in history that is similar to his in precision and breadth.

If someone wants to attack 1.7 billion human beings, he attacks them first; and if a Muslim wants to call people to Islam, he starts by telling the story of his life.

He is a man who was born in the 6th century AD but his influence still exists today in all corners of the world. He is a man who fought battles in which he received head injuries and knocked out his front teeth. However, he was a model of modesty.

He emerged victorious in most of the wars he fought against his enemies and at the same time, he was the one whose most staunch enemies came to believe in his message. He and his followers were subjected to savage oppression and torture, and when he emerged victorious and gained absolute power over his enemies, he forgave most of them.

He was the one who grew up in an ignorant society where stones and trees were worshiped, and they indulged in all vices... but he never tried alcohol, played games or fornicated. When the words "the honest and trustworthy" referred to a particular person, those who heard them knew that they referred to Muhammad, peace be upon him.

He was the man who believed in Jesus, peace be upon him, and his followers believed in Jesus, and he was the one whose coming Jesus foretold.

He made justice a reality in human society, stating that no Arab has any privilege over a non-Arab or no white person has any privilege over a black person, except for their fear of God and their good deeds.

He bent the knee for his wife to climb up and mount his camel; and this at a time when women were treated as slaves.

He was the one who decreed compassion even towards animals, and forbade the felling of trees even in war, so it's no surprise that he was described as a mercy to all worlds.

He is the seal of the prophets and messengers


Have you surfed the internet one day and encountered attacks and outrage? Have you seen derogatory cartoons? Have you seen slander and suspicions, alleging without foundation?

This is not strange.

From the day Muhammad, peace be upon him, was sent into the world, his tribe, the Quraysh , posted men at the gates of La Mekka with a mission: to spread false propaganda against Muhammad, peace be upon him, with every city visitor.

They even sent men to neighboring tribes to announce the "danger" of Muhammad, peace be upon him.

These hired mercenaries still live among us, you see them on TV channels, websites and social media platforms.

You can give your mind a permanent vacation and let these people shape your consciousness in whatever way, or you can make the decision to listen to Muhammad; so that you can know the truth about him for yourself ...

It is a decision that only you can make.