Why I Embraced Islam

Let’s see what you have here

I’ll give you 10 (reasons)

1-Islam gives clear and rational answers to the important questions in everyone’s mind like, why were we created? What is our purpose in life? And what will happen to us after death?

2-Islam takes human nature into consideration, thus, it puts neither the spiritual side before the physical side nor the physical side before the spiritual side

Islam creates a balance between the two that is enough to reform all aspects of human life

3-Islam does not actually recognize blind submission and does not call for it, it elevates the value of the mind and the intellect; there are no prohibited areas or taboos in thoughts it rather tells its followers to think as a way to strengthen their faith in God

4-Islam refuses worshipping creations it rather focuses on worshipping the Creator solely the Mighty Lord Who was described by all attributes of perfection

5-Islam does not allow confusion in the day-to-day life it presents a set of legislations to organize society, economy, politics, and even personal relationships, its laws call for high values without disregarding human nature

6-While religions are different in how they perceive the creator

Islam announces clearly, there’s nothing like Him and there’s nothing that could be compared to Him. He has all the attributes of perfections that make Him worthy of worship

7-Islam respects all prophets and describes them as the most reformed and pious of humans worshipping God Almighty whom he chose to deliver His message

8-Islam refuses alleged mediators between man and God, like priests clergymen or idols, etc. It connects you directly to the Creator because all men are equal before the Creator and no one is above the other except by their piety

9-Islam does not force anybody to embrace it you have to think for yourself to finally be chosen by God to enter His Paradise

Almighty God says: ‘there should be no compulsion in acceptance of the religion; the right course has become clear from the wrong

10-By testimony of all those who embrace it Islam changes the life of the new adherent 180 degrees to the better and this is why it’s one of the fastest growing religions in the world according to Guinness, actually