What's the meaning of Jihad?

Jihad refers to the struggle or effort made by an individual in the pursuit of righteousness and the betterment of society. In Islamic terms, this concept carries a deeper connotation that involves spiritual, social, and physical struggles aimed at achieving a righteous and just society. Jihad is frequently associated with military campaigns waged against non-believers, but this is a misinterpretation. Islam emphasizes peace but acknowledges that self-defense is necessary in some situations. The greater Jihad in Islam is to strive towards individual spiritual development by engaging in regular prayer and participating in charitable activities for community improvement. Jihad does not include violence against innocent people or aggression towards non-Muslim communities. Instead, it promotes courage and determination to resist oppression and uphold the principles of justice and freedom for all individuals irrespective of their religious affiliation or background.

In conclusion, Jihad is a multi-faceted and nuanced concept in Islam that includes both spiritual and physical dimensions. It is not a call for senseless violence, but a struggle to uphold Islamic values and principles, defend against oppression and aggression, and achieve personal and collective excellence. Understanding the true meaning of Jihad is essential for promoting peace, tolerance, and mutual respect between Muslims and non-Muslims, and combating extremist ideologies that hijack the concept for their own nefarious aims.